Hi David,

We've just placed an online order to replace our cat's bib, which she lost somewhere. I just wanted to say how very pleased we've been with the product, and to tell you how glad we are to be able to purchase online in Australia.

Rory is a 4YO neutred queen, and until we found Catbib, she had a bird-a-day habit, and since we had moved into a new home with a lot of native birdlfe, we were desparate to stop her. Fortunately, a web search turned up Catbib and we managed to get one from Ferntree Gully. Since we fitted her with the bib - no birds at all, for 9 months. She can still climb trees without a problem, but the birds are safe.

Feel free to publish this as a testimonial if you wish. We'd love to help get the word out, because you have a product that has the potential to save a lot of wildlife.

Cheers, and the best of luck,
Luke and Brada (Nunawading, Vic)

farmcatWe live on a farm so there are many species of birds in our garden, and our first cat soon became an efficient hunter when she reached adulthood.  She has been wearing a Catbib for 2 years and she cannot attack birds at all with it on.  So when we got our rescue cat 'Christmas' recently, we ordered a Catbib for him too.  I recommend Catbibs to all catowners who allow their cats to go outside.

Rebecca. Cootamundra NSW.


 Dear Friends,

Cats are dearly loved by many people, but also suffer a fairly poor image when it comes to the elimination of wildlife within Australia.It is amazing how people come up with wonderful ideas and I thought I would share with you this incredible invention called a Cat Bib.

We have a cat who has been boarding with us for a couple of months and we have just fitted this bib with very good results so far – no dead birds, lizards etc. yet quite practical for the cat to wear after it has finished sulking for a day or two.The other advantage is that it knows that it will be allowed outside as soon as the bib is fitted and, because it can no longer catch wildlife and would prefer to be without the bib, it is happy to come back home again after a short time.Since moving in with us the cat has caused upset to two of our local neighbours – chasing their chooks, and also some nesting lorikeets.

They were impressed and relieved when we showed them the Cat Bib and friendly neighbourhood relationships are now back to normal”. 

Brian, Yandina. QLD.

Rocky waiting for lunchThank you David,

This is Rocky, waiting for lunch on the Cocky table. Wishful thinking! He didn't object to the bib at all!

Rowland, QLD



My first CatBib came from USA; I am very pleased to see we now have an Australian agent, and I have just ordered two more from your company.

I am extremely impressed with this simple, yet very effective device - A young kitten turned up on my doorstep about a year ago, semi wild, injured, malnourished and in need of some major TLC.

Several hundred dollars [Vet bills] later we had a healthy kitty, but, being initially a “wild” animal, he is a wonderful hunter and birds are his preferred prey.

He accepted the CatBib with nary a qualm and the result was instant – no more dead birds [well the feathers of same – he ate the rest] on my back porch. I actually spent some time watching him and was able to observe that the bib did not interfere with any of his natural cat games, grooming, rest, eating, etc. The only thing it does is prevent him from leaping onto a bird. He still tries of course and I am sure the local Minah birds enjoy the bib too, as they now take great delight in chasing him knowing they are safe from attack.


Hi David,

I just thought I would let you know that I purchased two of your CatBibs a week or so ago and they work a treat.

I have four cats but only the youngest one is a hunter (the others are too lazy and well fed!!). He was bringing in at least one mouse or bird per day sometimes the same one three times in the day/night - whilst wearing not one but two bells!!

Since I put the CatBib on Tigger, I haven't had a bird or a mouse in my house. Tigger is among the group of cats who took to the bib straight away – he is very obliging!

I have sent an email to all my friends, with a scan of the ad that you sent with the bibs (I hope that was ok), highly recommending your product.

Regards Lea

Thanx david...

When we first got the bibs for our moggies we also thought about importing them because they are so fantastic...but after what you have told me I'm glad I never tried!

I wish you every success...I think they should be made compulsory cat attire in Oz!

Cheers Leah